Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation

Navajo Parks wanted to express and remind the public of the measures that can ensure the Navajo Nation, and the US to work together against the Covid-19 pandemic. Navajo Parks’ slogan is clear with clean typographic expression. Clean, simple message throughout the advertisement.

Diné College

Worked with the Marketing and Communications Department to develop a recruitment drive, and develop other college publications such as department brochures, annual reports, and other student information publications.

Annual Reports


Diné College Annual Report - 2018

2019 (completed by their in-house designer)

Diné College Annual Report - 2019
2020 Print Projects
2018-2019 Print Projects

Dilcon Community School

Graphic Design consultant for many projects and worked on their staff recruiting efforts

Diné Media Group

Consult with the Diné Media Group as a Graphic Designer for various projects.

Navajo Housing Authority

Consult as the Graphic Designer with the Marketing and Public Relations team for their 50th Anniversary celebration, and other publications for the company.

Annual Meeting Booklet

Tséhootsooí Medical Center

Multi-media Specialist for Tséhootsooí Medical Center Office of Planning and Logistics. Developed many department publications as well as their annual report and strategic plan.

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